• Stable, reliable & financeable through CFC
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required


  • No annual funding caps
  • No caps per Production
  • No salary caps
  • No sunset clauses or expiry dates


  • No 'minimum spend in Canada' test
  • No Canadian filming/shooting days required
    -Both 'Post-Production-only'&'VFX-only' costs are eligible


  • No Canadian 'cultural' tests
  • Non-Canadian entity can hold copyright

Canadian Content tax credits

  • Stable, reliable and bankable
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required

Box office champ for two weekends running, the new take on Stephen King’s classic novel “It”, which filmed in Toronto last year, opened to record breaking numbers.

The Motion Picture Association of Canada released a statement outlining the incredible impact the production’s filming had in the Greater Toronto Area.

Full press release here: http://www.mpa-canada.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/IT-PR-FINAL.pdf
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With the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in full swing Entertainment Partners Canada and Canada Film Capital would like to announce our sponsorships of the following events:

  • Playback Magazine’s TIFF Issue
  • OMDC’s Celebrate Ontario Event
  • The xoTO Lounge

Visit the Toronto International Film Festival website here

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Today the Motion Picture Association of Canada released a statement outlining how “War of the Planet of the Apes” added 81 million to the British Columbia economy.

Full statement here.
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This morning Manitoba announced that there will be changes to their application fees for the Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit for projects commencing principal photography after August 31, 2017. 

Details can be found here: http://mbfilmmusic.ca/en/news/entry/281

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The addition of several high profile blockbuster movies and television series is setting Toronto on the way to rush past its 2016 record with over 2 billion dollars spent on productions in the city.

Click here for full Story.

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