• Stable, reliable & financeable through CFC
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required


  • No annual funding caps
  • No caps per Production
  • No salary caps
  • No sunset clauses or expiry dates


  • No 'minimum spend in Canada' test
  • No Canadian filming/shooting days required
    -Both 'Post-Production-only'&'VFX-only' costs are eligible


  • No Canadian 'cultural' tests
  • Non-Canadian entity can hold copyright

Canadian Content tax credits

  • Stable, reliable and bankable
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required

Today the Motion Picture Association of Canada released a statement outlining how “War of the Planet of the Apes” added 81 million to the British Columbia economy.

Full statement here.
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This morning Manitoba announced that there will be changes to their application fees for the Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit for projects commencing principal photography after August 31, 2017. 

Details can be found here: http://mbfilmmusic.ca/en/news/entry/281

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The addition of several high profile blockbuster movies and television series is setting Toronto on the way to rush past its 2016 record with over 2 billion dollars spent on productions in the city.

Click here for full Story.

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Canada Film Capital and Entertainment Partners are once again proud to be sponsoring this year’s INSIDE OUT: TORONTO LGBT FILM FESTIVAL, taking place from May 25 to June 4, 2017.

A complete list of films can be found here:
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The Nova Scotia Screen Industry posted a great video showing how the benefits of TV and movie productions extend beyond the industry to the whole community.

Check it out here.
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