• Stable, reliable & financeable through CFC
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required


  • No annual funding caps
  • No caps per Production
  • No salary caps
  • No sunset clauses or expiry dates


  • No 'minimum spend in Canada' test
  • No Canadian filming/shooting days required
    -Both 'Post-Production-only'&'VFX-only' costs are eligible


  • No Canadian 'cultural' tests
  • Non-Canadian entity can hold copyright

Canadian Content tax credits

  • Stable, reliable and bankable
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required

During the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the Ontario Media Development Corporation will hold the International Financing Forum and will host 20 Canadian and 20 international features.

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Last summer, residents of the city of Toronto were crowding the streets to catch a glimpse of the cast of Suicide Squad in action. Well did you know that for the 266 days of work done in Toronto nearly 80 million dollars was put in to the economy?

Check out this video celebrating some of the businesses who help contribute to this film: video

When you’re checking out Suicide Squad in theatres try and see how many Toronto landmarks you can point out!
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This past Friday, the Liberal government announced that after the previous year’s cut to the Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit they would be adding 1.5 million to it.

So far this year 17 productions have been approved for funding with more applications received.

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Recently it was announced that Warner Brothers’ television series “Supernatural” was renewed for a twelfth season!

For over a decade this popular series has made itself quite at home in British Columbia and has infused a large amount of money in to the economy.

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The highly anticipated “X-Men: Apocalypse” opened in theatres across North America this past weekend.

The Motion Picture Association of Canada has released this report showing that during the 94 days of filming in Quebec, Twentieth Century Fox spent more than 105 Million dollars in the Province!

Full report here
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