• Stable, reliable & financeable through CFC
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required


  • No annual funding caps
  • No caps per Production
  • No salary caps
  • No sunset clauses or expiry dates


  • No 'minimum spend in Canada' test
  • No Canadian filming/shooting days required
    -Both 'Post-Production-only'&'VFX-only' costs are eligible


  • No Canadian 'cultural' tests
  • Non-Canadian entity can hold copyright

Canadian Content tax credits

  • Stable, reliable and bankable
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required

Entertainment Partners and Canada Film Capital are once again sponsoring the WGC Screenwriting Awards.   This event, honors the achievements of Canadian screenwriters and the scripts they’ve written.

On May 2nd 2016, the Writer’s Guild of Canada’s Screenwriting Awards will take place and this year they are celebrating their 20th anniversary!  Tickets are on sale now.  For more details please visit here
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Cheryl Nex and David Carter will be attending the Cannes Film Festival Thursday, May 12th through Monday, May 16th.  

EP Canada and CFC will be hosting a table at the Plage Royale, along with UK affiliate, Sargent Disc and US affiliate, Entertainment Partners.

To set up a meeting with David and/or Cheryl, please email them at dcarter@canadafilmcapital.com or cnex@epcanada.com.

For more information on the Cannes Film Festival please visit: http://www.festival-cannes.com/en/festival.html#

For more information on the Plage Royale please visit: www.plageroyale.com

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The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (“ACCT”) has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer.  Beth Janson joins the ACCT bringing an impressive wealth of experiences working with the Tribeca Film Institute, Newport International Film Festival and HBO.  Beth Janson will assume this post on June 1, 2016. 
For more information please click here.
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Entertainment Partners (EP) Canada & Canada Film Capital are pleased to once again sponsor “Scrabble with the Stars”. This event is held to support the Performing Arts Lodges.  The Performing Arts Lodges provide affordable house and care for members of the entertainment industry. http://paltoronto.org/

This one-of-a-kind, fun-filled event will be held on Monday April 25, 2016 at the Arcadian Loft which is located at Queen & Bay in Toronto. While individual tickets are not for sale, a group can choose to sponsor to attend and make a fun night out of it. For more information go to: http://www.scrabblewiththestars.ca

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Did you know that film and television production work is worth $1 billion dollars a year to Toronto?  Canada Film Capital and EP Canada were proud to act as sponsors to Toronto Mayor John Tory’s trip to Los Angeles in support of the industry.  While in LA, the Mayor attended “an Evening with Canada’s Stars” at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills where Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara received the Academy’s Legacy Award. Mr. Tory was in Los Angeles to show Toronto’s support for the film and TV production industry. He connected with many of the major US studios and many of the independents. It was an excellent opportunity to hear feedback from producers and to express appreciation for the investments which have been made in Toronto’s economy. 

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