• Stable, reliable & financeable through CFC
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required


  • No annual funding caps
  • No caps per Production
  • No salary caps
  • No sunset clauses or expiry dates


  • No 'minimum spend in Canada' test
  • No Canadian filming/shooting days required
    -Both 'Post-Production-only'&'VFX-only' costs are eligible


  • No Canadian 'cultural' tests
  • Non-Canadian entity can hold copyright

Canadian Content tax credits

  • Stable, reliable and bankable
  • 100% refundable - no brokering required


Canada Film Capital was proud to be supporting the City of Toronto’s inaugural xoTO Lounge.

The Toronto Film & TV Office  hosted a 4 day Lounge in the heart of TIFF’s Festival village to showcase the benefits of producing in Toronto. The initiative was supported by a number of industry stakeholders.  

The Lounge welcomed TIFF industry participants and other guests, and hosted receptions such as meet the locals, bollywood/international co-pros and virtual reality. 

Many of Toronto’s film & TV players attended as did Mayor John Tory and a number of City Councilors including Councilor Paula Fletcher & Councilor Shelley Carroll.

To learn more about the services offered by the City of Toronto’s Film & TV Office, please visit toronto.ca/film

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Another successful TIFF has come to a close. We would like to shine a spotlight on the following films which were in TIFF this year, that we are proud to have serviced. Congratulations to our clients !  

  • Deepwater Horizon – Opening September 30More Info
  • In Dubious Battle – Opening October 8 - More Info
  • The Edge of Seventeen – Opening November 18 - More Info
  • Birth of the Dragon – Coming Soon - More Info
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During the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the Ontario Media Development Corporation will hold the International Financing Forum and will host 20 Canadian and 20 international features.

Full story here
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